xiluyou WiFi router
•Super strong connection, one is stronger than four
• Gigabit Ethernet port, the ultimate use of broadband
• Dual frequency network, 200 flat coverage
86WiFi panel
AP600M-PoE 86 panel
• Fat and thin, more widely used
• In-wall design for easier installation
• Thinner case for a lighter appearance
Wireless controller AC100
• Gigabit network port comprehensive protection
• More complete management, simpler management
• Stable transmission
Dual-band wireless router
P1000 BH2
• Powerful kernel while controlling 500 devices
• Voice control for easier use
• Wide coverage, 200 flat coverage
xichang Communication teamed up with Chairman of the South Bearing Co., Ltd. - Mr. Shi Jianwei to welcome the New Year of the Monkey

The purple gas is full of all the new, the peach blossoms are coming in the spring, on February 3, the Lunar New Year's Eve, Shanghai Tunchang Communication Technology Co., Ltd. held the first welcome party, we welcomed leaders,





Good news: Suichang code SF16A18 chip successfully mass production!



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